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Welcome to Coway University.

Coway University is a vibrant and inspiring learning platform that exchanges the excellent tradition of Coway’s curriculum with other branch around the world.  Coway University exchanges worldwide with Korea, Malaysia, the United States, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, allowing Coway families to see the world with a broader perspective, learn what they want, and share their knowledge and experiences for their own development.

It is an educational community created by Coway’s effort with enthusiastic teachers to help Coway families with their dreams/hopes for the future and help each other to constantly show their talents.

As the first president of Coway University of Thailand, I will briefly explain three things to promote the operation of this luxury education platform.

First, we will support face-to-face/non-face-to-face convergence education models and various learning methods in line with the rapidly changing era.

Second, we will always be interested in the voices of the Coway family and talk to them so that they can feel the joy and reward of changing and growing day by day.

Third, we will do our best to make learning fun by finding and reflecting various learning factors that will increase satisfaction and happiness.

Dear HP, Cody, CT and Managers of Coway!
For 2021, Coway Thailand is making a new culture “change your life” and creating a history of growth. Through the proud Coway University Platform, let’s demonstrate our capabilities and create the future together. Coway University will become a beacon that protects the dreams and future of all Coway family members for a new leap forward  and become the dynamic wind in the process of the our Coway family who are with full of passion sailing the blue seaof truth vigorously.

I will lead you into a new future so that you can continue your voyage with full of possibility.
We hope that you become the main character through the happy and enjoyable journey with Coway University.

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