[HI!CU] ep.1 – Let’s Watch ‘COWAY SIF 2022’ together!

Hello, Global Cowayian!

We have launched a new program to share the news of our headquarters with global corporations.
The program is [HI! CU], and it will be uploaded periodically starting with the first episode.
Please show a lot of interest and watch the show.

Also, if you have any news you want to know about HQ, Please let us know in the comments!
Thank you!

Coway held its first technological innovation exhibition at the convention hall of G Tower headquarters in Guro-gu, Seoul on the 20th.

The partners who participated in the event proposed innovative ideas for various fields such as new technologies, quality, and ESG.

In addition, the booth has a product demonstration space so that visitors can experience various products in person.

It further increased the satisfaction of visitors.

Coway plans to further strengthen co-prosperity with its partners by applying the best ideas proposed at the event for future new products.

Please look forward to Coway, which will lead the global market and grow higher based on innovative technologies.

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