[HI!CU] ep.2 – Coway Awards

Hello, Cowayian!

Last December, the headquarters held the Coway Awards for Cowayians who worked hard for a year.

 Proudly, there were two winners from the Thai and Malaysian corporations.


In episode 2, you can watch the proud moments of corporate winners at the Coway Awards.

And there’s also a surprise interview with the winner, so please enjoy it!

[HI!CU] ep.2 Coway Awards!

Karen (SGCM of a Malaysian corporation) and K.pim (GM of a Thai corporation) won the Coway Award in the global category.

This is recognized as a significant contribution to Coway’s achievement creation.

It is also a motivation for Cowayians of all corporations.

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1211_코웨이인상 시상식172