Opened ‘Water Taste Research Institute site’ providing water information

The ‘Water Taste Research Institute site (’, which provides water-related information, was opened. 

The Water Taste Lab site is a website created with the purpose of promoting Coway’s expertise and leadership in water purifiers and water, and conveying the importance of the taste of water to customers. 

With the concept of ‘beneficial information on water’, it is designed so that users can indirectly experience the importance of drinking water naturally through experiential contents on the site, and lead to the recognition that a water purifier that provides delicious water is necessary. 

In addition to this, corners such as water sommelier, research and development, and sensory evaluation are also organized so that the research activities that are being conducted to improve the taste of water from water purifiers can be easily and in a fun way. 

The goal is to establish a new standard for delicious water, such as developing a water taste index for the first time in the industry with a sense of responsibility as Korea’s representative water company.