Global Business Division Vice President

James Park Jae Young

Hi everybody, love to see all my global families. Welcome to the Coway paradise.

This is the first president of the Coway University, James Park who is the most handsome guy in the world. I am so happy to meet you all at Coway University today. It is really impressive that Coway education is over to evolve Coway University. I like to express excitement over launching Coway University to all oversea Coway families.

As you know we have kind of story with education system. First of all, with the classroom training, practical training, on the job training. After corona pandemic, we begin with video training and virtual training. And finally, we going to open Coway University education platform. As our Coway philosophy over change your life and not only change our customer life even our HP, Cody, HT, CT, and Coway family life. And now, we are change our education and your learning life.

We always seek for improvement for our organisation training and learning experience. And now, due to the pandemic we have to fast our process by introducing our Coway University to all my global family. But now I heard you are doing so well, in order for us to move forward, we need to evolve and align with the current situation. That’s why Coway University is platform and it is the learning hub for all our Cowayian.

My purpose of setting up Coway University is to give free access to a lot of knowledge and information to our people. Whereby you can have e-learning at any time at anywhere. I want you to grow in your career path and be expert in everything you do. So, in order to do that, you need keep learning. Apart from that, this platform is just not focus on learning accept. But it allowed you to connect among yourself to Coway community. So, you can build a lot of networking from here just like your Facebook. I want to make sure your learning experience become more fun just like we have in our university before.

I hope Coway University will make your learning experience easier and enjoy the learning process. Please fully utilise this platform as best as you can because this platform is built for all of you watching this video. Study smart and change your life to be better.

All the best for any course that you learn right now. I hope you passed with the flying colour. Thank you for being here in Coway University. I love you all my global families, miss you so much. Aku cinta padamu. Thank you.

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What is
Coway University

The experiences for the past three decades in Home Wellness appliances have taught us that creating a better world starts with us. Education is the most important tool to change the world. As a solution, Coway University provides a continuous social learning experience that can change your life.

Vision & Mission 2030

Global Leading University.

Coway University, the driving force of change of life in the future

Talent Nurturing

Provide systematic curriculum and specialized curriculum

Expansion of Opportunities

Global work position expansion through HR Value-Up

Know-How Spreading

Experience and know-how sharing from Top Trainers of Theory and Practical in each specific field

Happy Workplace

Activating human community to expand the learning interaction between learning members

CU 3 Major Educational Goals

Humanity, Innovation, International

Global Leader Development

Key Features of the CU Program


Responsive Online Lectures

Online lecture / Blended (on + off) lecture / Composed of various forms of real-time video class


Practical-Oriented Lectures

GBS (Goal Based) Training program, which focus on real field problem solving rather than theoretical training.


Link with Promotion System

Training system which link with promotion system.


Diverse and Innovative Scholarship System

Training syllabus completion funds, Project support funds, Graduation scholarship, etc

Global Faculties

Sales & Business Faculty

Health Planner is like our personal doctor that concern about our health. They always suggest the righteous product based on customer needs. In this faculty, various courses like basic sales skills, sales mindset, prospecting, sales motivation, and digital marketing are specially designed by our experts for HPs to sustain the business.

Customer Love & Service Faculty

Cody Lady always comes with heart service. They are the ones who provide premium product maintenance to our customers. Service from the heart never failed to make customers smile. This faculty is specially designed for Cody/ST to become a smart customer service that masters in Heart Service, communication, image etiquette, and much more.

Customer Experience & Technology Faculty

Coway Technician makes customer dream come true. They always witness happiness after products have been installed. CT is the one who focuses on product installation and product repair. This faculty providing high knowledge and skills on the technical aspect to make our CT become product experts and ensure customers have the best experience.

Homecare Faculty

Homecare Technician is the one to ensure we sleep better. Our sleep experience feels great like in 5 stars hotel. They are the ones who provide Mattress Care Service to our customers with delicate service and high-tech equipment. This faculty is created to make our HT become a smart homecare engineer with advanced knowledge and skills about mattress care.

Leadership & Management Faculty

A leader is not born but is made. This is where we ‘made’ them. A great leader always comes with great management skills. In this faculty, we build up our potential leaders with righteous leadership and management skill courses like delegation, planning, problem-solving, and decision making skills that help the leader to relate in dealing with their subordinates.

What is
Their Secret

GM Malaysia

GM Thailand

CM Indonesia

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CM Fira Nadhifa

Who would have thought that this woman named Fira Nadhifa, was still very young. Mba Fira was one of the first two Cody Managers of Coway Indonesia.

Two years with Coway, since 2019, Mba Fira feels that her journey to the CM position is quite surprising. Even so, the task as CM made Mba Fira get a lot of things. Mba Fira admitted that she learned her responsibility to ensure that Cody provides services in accordance with the Heart Service guidelines and applicable SOPs. Facilitate problem solving in the field based on data in existing systems and regulations. Support Cody’s activities both in terms of service, sales, and collection. And no less important is being a bridge between Cody and management in two directions.

When asked how was Mba Fira’s journey in Coway? He replied, “What is certain is that the development of this organization is very fast. Starting from being a Cody, six months later I was assigned to lead 6 Cody people. Then, four months later, I already had 2 Cody Branches, and three months later I added 3 Cody Branches. Six months later, at this time, I don’t realize that I have managed 67 Cody from the 3 Branches. Ha ha ha. That’s amazing. I faced many challenges on my way through it all. But I consider everything to be part of my learning and self-development, so just enjoy it.”

For tips for successful work, Mba Fira said, in the service sector, the most important thing to have is the ability to see things from the customer’s point of view. “If I were a customer of Coway, would I be satisfied with my Cody service? Can I trust Cody to provide a solution to my problem? Am I happy and comfortable with Cody coming to my house every month? This is what guides me in every step I take, so that our team can create a customer experience through Heart Service that cannot be replaced by other services out there.” This visionary and intelligent answer, of course, comes from Mba Fira’s own principles. “Trust the process. Many things that seem impossible to achieve at a certain point in time, but in fact can be achieved with determination and consistency in trying. I’ve heard someone say, ‘We overestimate what we can do in a year, but underestimate what we can do in a decade.’ It always cheers me up when I feel I haven’t accomplished much in my life.”

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